Robot Pre-Season

I’ve long considered the summer as the Robot off-season. School is out, people (kids and adults alike) are honing their skills through summer camps, off-season events, and doing some self-teaching. Many kids out there have been participating in robot camps using Lego mindstorms which is a great some-what inexpensive way to learn about robots.

There have some off-season events for FIRST for teams to keep on their robot game. The FIRST FRC (FIRST Robotics Challenge) off-season events are a great way to meet and talk with other teams in not-quite of an intense setting as the FRC regional events. I was a volunteer at the Inaugural 2011 Texas Robot Round-up, which was my first (just a little pun intended) off-season event to participate in. Jess did a great job organizing it and AndyMark did a great job of supporting it.

This summer I was playing with my own small robot and working my way through the book Principles of Robot Motion. This is my off-season fun.

Many of the robot regular season events are listed at RobotEvents.com. FIRST FRC starts in January, but FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) and FLL (FIRST Lego League) are kicked off on September 3 as well as BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology). VEX kicked off their season at the end of last VEX robotics season at their Championships. All of these are great ways to get involved with robotics I want to encourage people to get involved in any one of these.

It’s the Robotics pre-season for a few more days, choose a side and get into the game. It’s worth it, both to the kids and for yourself.


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